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Using eager edge to go fast on what appears at first glance to be an almost empty bridge is not flying through a mission its just eliminating pointless running that can be done faster. The point is people don't like holding w for 60 seconds if they can do it in 20.ICYMI, Hotfix included a change that "Fixed an issue where Eager Edge could be used multiple times in a single activation". However, as initially discovered by Shxvel, the implementation of this fix is noticeably worse than the text implies: it effectively tracks a hard velocity cap and immediately deactivates Eager Edge whenever that cap is reached.Apr 28, 2024 · Roll #1: Utility God Roll. As always, Jagged Edge and Swordmaster’s Guard are the preferred picks for Swords as they increase damage by the highest amount, but Honed Edge isn’t awful, either. The first perk doesn’t matter too much, as the main draw of this version of Falling Guillotine is the movement capabilities of Eager Edge.

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Sorry about the abrupt ending, software cut everything a little short.Hopefully this helps those looking to "Sonic" their gameplay up every now and again.my game runs in 60fps so it's ~10s vs ~15s meaning that the skating is ~50% faster than the fastest sparrow in the gameI have a Discord server now: https://d...Ayyvery1. there is a bunch of tutorials for worldline skating that explain it pretty well and you just replace the worldline with the new sword. Thanks. I can feel the number of strikes I'll have to run to finish my bounties increasing exponentially. just load up normal strikes and hit up a quick lost sector.You: eager edge should be easier to use. Me: I don't think it should be. You: why not? Me: explains. #5. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Per page: 15 30 50. Destiny 2 > Feedback and Suggestions > Topic Details. Why does it have to be so complicated? it fails every time if you press the keys in a fracture of second late and why do you have to do ...In this video I’ll be teaching you how to Shatter Skate on a Stasis Hunter in 3 easy steps.If you don't have an eager edge sword and don't know how to get on...https://www.mediafire.com/file/hv8evh9shui5um8/HEAVY_eager_edge_shatterskate.xml/fileLol no there’s nothing like eager edge skating in Halo. The sword is yeah, visually similar to the energy sword in Halo, and definitely had a lunge to it, but more like Ophidians Melee type lunge. EDIT: Damn I didn’t realise that H2 had sword flying. That’ll probably be it.Possibly the quickest guide on how to eager edge/worldline skate in Destiny 2.This is all done by hand. The speed of bubble skating is faster for longer distance with Lion Rampant.Figure skating is a captivating sport that combines artistry, athleticism, and grace. If you’re a fan of figure skating, you know how thrilling it is to watch the world’s top skate...Dec 16, 2021 ... The Eager Edge trait gives players a brief window when lunge distance is greatly increased in the moments after they switch to the weapon. That ...How to skate: Jump, switch to sword and light attack, then switch weapon to maintain momentum and wait 4 seconds for the eagers edge to be ready again. When you land on the ground jump immediately to to keep your momentum even …Have they nerfed hunter eager edge shatterdive skating or am I just really bad? It works just fine for me. When I was bad at doing it at first, I would go to where the Exo Stranger is at and practice shatterdive sword-skating there. Check 1:21 of this video, it helped me out.https://www.mediafire.com/file/hv8evh9shui5um8/HEAVY_eager_edge_shatterskate.xml/fileStarting off as Sword Skating earlier on in Destiny 2's lifespan, the new Well Skating method was born with the introduction of the Eager Edge sword perk during the …Jan 17, 2022 · 1:22 basic eager edge skate macro (for all classes) 2:16 warlock specific (2 macros) 3:13 hunter specific (1 macro) 3:44 rip titans. for the algorithm gods: If anyone is wondering what I run. Hunter on Stasis whilst on the ship with 100 mobility. St0mp-ee5. Strafe jump. Then switch to arc with blink, just before ...An Eager Edge Sword is required! If you need help wi... This video is mainly for Razer Synapse users. But of course you can pull this off without Macro as well. An Eager Edge Sword is required! If ...The two hobgoblins at the start of the jumping section in SotW torture me with this when I try to skate past that area. I've always been able to Eager Edge my way to the next bridge from the gap separating you and the hobgoblins and skip them entirely. But that's on Titan, unsure how exactly it works with other classes.This is done the same way as shatterdive skating on hunter except you use well instead of shatterdive (Eager Edge off a ledge -> jump+well). I doubt I'm the first one to come up with this but I haven't seen anyone else post it so I thought I would share it here.ANYONE can learn how to SPEED SKATE! Sword SkatinI found a subreddit post but it doesnt seem to w May 8, 2023 · What is Well Skating? Starting off as Sword Skating earlier on in Destiny 2's lifespan, the new Well Skating method was born with the introduction of the Eager Edge sword perk during the 30th ... *ATTENTION* Do not Super like I asked u guys to at 52 seconds that was a mistake my bad, use the Shatterdive button instead to achieve this skate. Thanks!Hey... Grind out Dares of Eternity and hope for good RNG. You only need 1 red Learn more. Based on 103.1K+ copies of this weapon, these are the most frequently equipped perks. Crafted versions of this weapon below Level 10 are excluded. This weapon can be crafted with enhanced perks. Enhanced and normal perks are combined in the stats below. 30.0%. 23.7%. 17.2%. 15.4%. Follow up to my video yesterday on stasis hunter shatter dive skating

Destiny 2 LightfallHow was eager edge changed explainedPatch edge had a few new updates which contains some buffs, nerfs, and a good quality of ...Grind out Dares of Eternity and hope for good RNG. You only need 1 red border other half sword to unlock the pattern and craft one to your liking but Half Truths needs 5 since it drops more often. Both the Half Truths (blue/arc)and Other Half (purple/void) swords. can roll with eager edge. 3.By combining the Half-Truths sword from the Bungie 30 th Anniversary celebration event — a clear homage to the Energy Sword from Halo — with the Eager …Hunters have the most constraints put on them when it comes to Eager Edge Skating, but it is well worth it. This technique can be used whenever, wherever and...Well Warlock Eager Edge Skate I Destiny 2 I PS5 I Morbit1978[Discord MORBIT HIRED GUNS] https://discord.gg/Uy49TrnmqW[CLAN]https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan...

Dec 16, 2021 · How to bind keys https://youtu.be/wSIsf_mEqXI?t=88For controller players, I don't play with a controller so take this with a pinch of salt but u should make ... With that little change we're able to combine the Eager Edge Well Skate with Icarus Dashes and Heat Rises which makes for a pretty overkill combination of speed tech. Here's how it works: - Pop Heat Rises and defeat some enemies while being airborn until your buff-timer hits 30 seconds. - Swap to Well of RadianceThis skating technique is achieved by sprinting and then jumping, quickly swapping weapons to the sword, and heavy attacking for the extra momentum through Eager Edge. After the momentum...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Apr 28, 2024 · Roll #1: Utility God Rol. Possible cause: The Arctic Edge offers beginners and skating regulars alike the opportunity to ska.

I know there's a million of these videos out there, but I'm gonna leave a macro down here unlike plenty of other videos. This Macro works with both Eager Edg... https://www.mediafire.com/file/hv8evh9shui5um8/HEAVY_eager_edge_shatterskate.xml/file After you have the sword with Eager Edge you can skate by simply sprint jumping and quickly switching to the sword and heavy attacking to get a huge burst of speed. After that, you can swing the sword while in the air and bunny hop to keep your speed for as long as you want. Warlocks can also combine this with Icarus Dash for a bit more speed.

Skated through the entire opening of DSC in about 30 secondsBungie Name - Sic#8062#motw #destiny2 #destiny #speedrun #deepstonecryptI found a subreddit post but it doesnt seem to work properly can somone give me a shatterdive skate macro for Logitech Ghub? This is how mine is set up. my "=" key is my shatterdive key. Link the post? The space🔽 is in the wrong place. The “1” is not needed either. Im not sure about the timing as i use razor.

With the arrival of winter, Minnesotans eagerl Saw a comment on a YouTube video saying you can use an eager edge sword to shatter dive skate just like you can with worldline so I made a macro to do it pre...Dec 8, 2021 · This is a tutorial on how to Eager edge skate on all classes. You need to have the perk Eager Edge to be able to do this.P.S : I realize the timing for weapo... Reply. Chaospanther_. • 2 yr. ago. Basically it's juAyyvery1. there is a bunch of tutorials for worldline skating th Oct 11, 2022 ... Une fois que vous avez l'épée avec Eager Edge, vous pouvez patiner en sprintant simplement et en passant rapidement à l'épée et en attaquant ... Shatterdive VS Well of Radiance - Eager Edge Skating [ Jan 27, 2022 · How To Do It. Step 1. Find edge, make sure when you use Heavy Attack (The default is Right Click), you fall. Correct. Wrong. Step 2. Become familiar with the perk timing, the perk proc is very fast (~1 s), and have a cooldown (~5 s, total 6s) Step 3. Practicing the Jump + Shatterdive (Air Move button, default is X), it's not same time, but with ... It's actually going to be pretty interesting. You can get Eager Edge + BaS or Eager Edge + Cold Steel (Champ Stuns) and it's going to give The Other Half a run for its money. It can be adept, however, it cannot be enhanced. So it's a matter of it you want better overall perks, or if you just purely want enhanced Eager Edge. Lol no there’s nothing like eager edge skating in Halo. The swReply. Chaospanther_. • 2 yr. ago. Basically it's just riThis guide will explain how to Well-Skate in Destiny 2. How the Well- [Still works with solar 3.0] Here's how to eager edge skate on warlock, using well of radiance , and how to get out of bounds on the radiant cliffs map usin...Are you organizing an event and looking for companies that are willing to sponsor it? Securing event sponsors can be a challenge, but with the right approach, you can create win-wi... 6.2K. 207K views 10 months ago #Destiny2 #Destiny2 Enhanced Version: Eager Edge. DOES stack with similar mods. Introduced in Season 15. Can't be Equipped. API ID: 2077819806. Lol no there’s nothing like eager edge skating in Halo. The swor[Please vote to make this MOTW! https://www.bungI know there's a million of these vid Oct 5, 2022 ... Bungie nerfed the perk Eager Edge on the Half-Truths and Other Half 30th Anniversary swords. It's a perk that was originally meant to ...